Torque wrenches



DTC-REV Separate Type


Digital torque wrench with connected display

The display is separate from the wrench. The slender wrench body facilitates measuring lowre torques.

●Accuracy : 1% of indicated value +1 increment, over the full range
●Display :OLED display
●Measurement modes : ①Peak hold ②Peak to peak-hold ③Run
●Measuring Direction: CW/CCW changeover, provided with CW/CCW status display
●Power supply : Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 18650 and 100-240V battery charger.
●Battery life : Approx. 20 hours with fully charged battery. (continuous operation)
●Power off : Auto Power-off, approx. 30 minutes.
●Tolerance setting : 1 to 10 %. Automatic judgement for pre-set target torque.
●Data memory : 1000 data can be stored.
●Output : Printer output (exclusively to a TPK-3), and Dedicated printer cable CR-1, CR-2.



Replaceble heads

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