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EHK-J Digital Height Gauge
Rotated scriber is provided as standard....
EMA-J Digital Calipers For Long Scale
Calipers for long scale Model ...
SHT-J Height Gauges
A magnifier simplifies the reading of th...
E-TH / TH Depth Gauge With Thin Hole Depth Bar
The depth of a thin hole Enable to measu...
LSDM Depth Gauge With Long Base
Depth of a large-diameter hole Secure pr...

ISO9001 ISO14001 Nakamura Mfg. Co.,Ltd. Tsuru Factory
Scope of work in registration: JQA-2434(ISO9001)
Products: Hand operating torque wrenches, hand operating torque drivers and torque analyzers. Design, development, manufacture and related services (repair, inspection, calibration and supply of service parts) of the above products.

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